Whitehaven Gold Coast Getaway

Winter in south east Queensland is a glorious time to go boating. The days are clear, dry and warm and, as a group of Whitehaven owners recently found, there are plenty of anchorages and bays to discover.

Welcome New Integrity Owners

We are excited to announce two more owners who have chosen to join the Integrity family. We wish them the very best in their boating adventures.

A decade starts with YKnot and ends with Panache

The sport yacht is, in many ways, the sports car of the ocean where speed and style are paramount. Yet a decade ago, a dauntless boating couple decided to break the mould and custom build a 65-foot Sport Yacht which placed seafaring capabilities on equal footing to style. YKnot was launched and became the genesis for Whitehaven’s Sports Yacht range.

Harbour Classic: Boat Review

“If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this design will entrance many who cast their eyes over it. The curves, colours and design exude a sleek and anti-traditional elegance that symbolises wealth and sophistication. Summer afternoons, long weekends and coastal escapes aboard will be well blended with staying ashore at hotels and dropping the pick in secluded anchorages. Whitehaven has created a vessel that is made for couples, escape artists and people who enjoy hitting the salty road for their natural therapy.” James Dumergue.

A special lucky door prize

In December 2019, a group of enthusiastic Integrity Motor Yacht owners got together on Queensland’s Gold Coast to celebrate the end of the year. Integrity Motor Yachts joined the festivities offering up a lucky door prize.

True customisation with Whitehaven

Fully customised. Bespoke. Tailored to your every need. These are terms often used when describing luxury boat builders however, for the team at Whitehaven, it is more than just terms. It goes to the very heart of the Whitehaven difference. It’s the DNA of the Whitehaven business and the foundation of everything we build.

Hot off the press

The second Harbour Classic 40 quietly slipped into Australia earlier this year. Her arrival did not go unnoticed by the boating media as they were keen to discover the second hull in this new concept for Whitehaven Motor Yachts.

New owners for the Integrity 460SX

Earlier last month, we were proud to announce the world debut of our 460SX. Although the event was overshadowed by world events, her new owners’ excitement was in no way diminished when ‘Abbey Road’ was handed over.