Spectrum & Integrity Owners’ Lunch – Southport Yacht Club

A great opportunity to catch up and share adventures, 20 Integrity owners recently got together for a long lunch at Southport Yacht Club.

Over delicious food, a few drinks and breathtaking water views over the marina, owners celebrated the start of spring and exchanged plans for the season ahead.

The day was made even more fun through the generous support of Integrity Motor Yachts who supplied prizes for people who could identify the 27 INTEGRITY ADVANTAGES.

As Gavin Ward from Spectrum Marine explains, “As all owners of Integrity Yachts know there are 27 qualities we promote as being a part of THE INTEGRITY ADVANTAGE, from the Full Length keel which protects the prop and rudder to the innovative Cockpit design and Hopper Windows that open up the whole boat.

“But no feature is more important than Advantage 6: ‘More than owning a boat’. Owning an Integrity is being a part of a lifestyle and connected to other like-minded people.

“It’s a saying that holds true. Integrity owners value their relationships with other owners, and we could see that on full display over lunch. So much laughter, a lot of funny yarns, some earnest discussions about the best anchorages and best value fuel – all of those things that make the boating lifestyle so compelling. Everybody was relaxed and in good form, saying they can’t wait for the next one!”

To discover more about the Integrity Advantages click here.