Press a button and make water!

Watermaker technology has come a long way over the last few years, marine watermakers are now so compact, efficient and reliable that they have become a must have accessory for just about every vessel.

Fresh water 24 hours a day is available through a simple reverse osmosis system, leaving fresh water for drinking, cooking, cleaning and showering. There is now no need to store fresh water in your vessel – it’s available at the touch of a button.

  • Compact design to fit in the smallest of areas to modular unit to be spaced around compartments.
  • Auto flush units
  • Australian full tech support and trained technicians covering Australia on service.
  • Australian Made
  • Low maintenance
  • Very affordable service parts
  • Watermakers are now made easy so you can enjoy the day and not worry about resetting valves and remembering to flush units.

Spectrum Marine can supply, fit and install a watermaker that makes anywhere from 45 litres of water per hour up to 240 litres per hour.

Units start from $8,200.

Email Spectrum Marine today or call 1300 872 006 to discuss a watermaker option for your vessel.